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My Philosophy


My counseling philosophy is based on the empathic understanding of the individual's circumstances and challenges impacting their functioning in life. I believe that insight, working in the “here and now,” addressing short and long-term goals, and acquiring healthy coping mechanisms are crucial to overcome emotional distress and acquire emotional growth. My philosophy as a therapist is that the clients are the EXPERTS and that the therapist is the one that follows the clients’ lead helping them to understand and solve in a healthy way their inner struggles and conflicts. A trustworthy relationship between therapist and clients  is essential to achieve emotional growth and mental health.  

Teacher w/pre-school students
Mental health is the capacity to love, enjoy, and work

10784 Hickory Ridge Road, Columbia, MD 21044 |Cell: 443.710.6285|Phone: 410.964.0425 Ext. 51|

My Goals
  • To empower my clients address conflicts in a healthy way.
  • To develop a working alliance and build on my clients' strengths.
  • To  develop copying strategies, resilience, and emotional growth.

I strive to serve my clients' needs and help them achieve their short and long term goals.